Magazine guidelines

We invite contributions especially under the following heads

  • Articles on historical and contemporary issues in ‘south' countries. These should be between 2500 to 4000 words. Three keywords and a brief abstract of 100 words, aimed at non-specialists in other south countries, should preface the article.
  • Essays on relevant issues and context analysis of problems and challenges in the Global South. Non-academic contributions, discussions from the civil society and from policy makers (governmental or not) are welcomed. Essays should be between 2500 to 4000 words. Three keywords and a brief abstract of 100 words, aimed at non-specialists in other south countries, should preface the essay.
  • Dossier is a thematic section that includes 3 to 5 articles, essays, interviews and photo essays on a relevant issue from the Global South. Please contact the editor to suggest a Dossier.
  • Across the South is a very special section. We invite contributions of experiences of scholars, journalists, artists and researchers travelling from one south country to another. Narratives on this experience could be written in form of essay, article or even as a poem. Photo-essays area mostly welcomed in this section. Reportage on phenomena that are acquiring in one or more regions of the south that might have a wider resonance or be of wider interest would be also included in this section. Contributions to this section should be between 800-1500 words each or up to 6 photos. Please, contact the editor to propose your contribution.
  • Interview includes encounters and dialogues with scholars and policy makers well-known in regional circles. These should be within 2000-2500 words. The focus should be on major intellectual influences and significant contributions. Photographs of interviewer and interviewee, of the interview and images of books/journals/visual material published/ created by the interviewee would be most welcome. We would recommend a consultation by e-mail with the editor prior to the actual interview.
  • Review includes comments on books, films, exhibitions, and conferences. Entries should take into account readership from a wide range of ‘south' countries and be within 700 words. Images of (at least one) of front cover, or the events reviewed should be included. Please, do not forget to include the credits.

Notes on Format and Style

The magazine follows the English convention of spelling. Non-English words should be in italics and explained or translated in parenthesis. We seek clarity, brevity and simplicity. Short sentences and paragraphs with a generous use of subtitles would be appreciated. Long quotations should be avoided. Quotations of more than forty words should be indented.

When endnotes are used, they should be numbered consecutively and be used wisely, to explain or add information that could not fit within the main text. For bibliographic references, please use Harvard Style. Archival citations should be as brief as possible but the identity and location of the archive must be fully spelled out in the first citation. 

Figures should be used for units of measurement and numbers with decimal points. Numbers below ten and multiples of ten up to one hundred should be spelled out and figures used for other numbers ('twenty' but '25'). Percentages should be in words such as '25 per cent' or 'twenty per cent'. Dates should be written as '3 December 2013'.

Contributors should include 30-50 words introducing themselves, and email of contact.

We kindly recommend the inclusion of illustrations, maps, photographs, images of sources and documents wherever relevant, in digital format. Maps, photographs and illustrations should carry full captions and attributions.

We urge contributors to follow copyright rules and provide generous acknowledgements and attributions. We are all aware of the difficulties of copyright protection with regard to material on the web, but hope the contributors will be conscientious in this regard.